From sales to compliance, I will create a plan that best serves your brands' needs in the Canadian marketplace.

Plant based skincare

Tracey is one of the most supportive brokers I have worked with and is always willing to help.

Sales Support

Building a go to market plan allows for clear communication and sales support with your distributor partner sales team and retail partners. We will collaborate to create a plan for success that best suits your unique brand goals for the short and long term.


We provide insight and consultation on brand marketing, pricing, distribution partners, product introduction, sales training, mass market opportunity, and scheduling. We work with you to leverage the strength of the brand in each retail channel with the goal of maximizing sales. We create and take advantage of promotional opportunities between suppliers and distributors. We give guidance on ad spend, product launch scheduling, and trade shows, as well as actually assisting at trade shows.


We set supplier meetings with Canadian distributors and attend them on your behalf looking for the best ways to have a mutually successful relationship. You will have an advantage of knowing ahead of time what the sticking points of each distributor are and what they are looking for in a supplier, product or distribution agreement. Constructing a win-win deal everybody is happy which enables long term success.


One of the unique benefits you will receive while working with Naturally Perfect Consulting is the peace of mind in knowing we are managing your accounting. That way you always have your finger on the pulse and know what the score is. This also makes it much easier to plan and budget your marketing, promotions, and expansion.


We plan and manage your logistics. Navigating the logistics of product fulfillment is a major issue, and must be accounted for in order to ensure that profit margins are accurate and product fulfilment is timely.

Regulatory Compliance

There are multiple Canadian specific regulatory issues that must be met in order for your product to be sold on the shelves of Canadian retail stores. We help you navigate these regulations so that your product does not get stuck in the warehouse due to non-compliance. It will save you time, money, and headaches by getting it right the first time.

Plant based skincare