Frequent questions

Below you will find a list of questions clients or potential clients most often ask me when looking to bring their product into the Canadian market.

natural skincare

I will work with you on a forecast for the Canadian market place and build a marketing budget for success.

Canada has several product specific regulations and I will review your products and give you the guidance you need to sell your items here.

I work specifically to target the major retailers, driving the bulk of the natural business in Canada and will provide you with a timeline for presentation of your items.

Canada’s #1 requirement is bilingual labeling with equal prominence Canadian French and English on all products.

I will find you the perfect distribution partner to get your products on store shelves. Select major chain retailers will purchase direct from manufacturer.

The Canadian Health Food Association runs 3 tradeshows in Canada to support our 3 main markets.

Currently your best advertising options are via social media and retailer marketing programs.

I will design a brand specific promotional schedule and go to market policy outline for success.

Let's talk and create a plan that works for your brand needs.

I will provide you with a look at the current market specific to your category as part of your individual brand plan.

Innovation is the key to success, fresh new product ideas and packaging are top of mind. A great brand story goes a long way when making presentations to buyers.