What an exciting fall we’ve had, CHFA Toronto was finally back for the first time since 2019 and at a new venue. It was a great weekend seeing colleagues and retail staff. We have been so disconnected from each other for so long, it was such a treat to be with everyone in person again.


On to the next exciting news for fall 2022, I launched Oiamiga in Canada. Oiamiga is a no BS permanent hair colour for all. Hair does not discriminate so why should Oiamiga. Oiamiga is a made up word putting together 2 spanish words Oi (hello) and Amiga (friend). Oiamiga is a friend to all and the planet, offering eco-conscious vegan hair colour that walks the talk. The entire company from all over the world came together to create a brand that was socially conscious in every way. With 15 colours there is sure to be something your customers will love to take home. Fancy a quickie? Oiamiga has a new rapid activator cutting processing time by up to 20 minutes, in today’s busy culture this is a win. Oiamiga heard your voices, and they took all the comments they’ve gotten over the years and covered all the bases. You wanted a colour selector, there’s a QR code on the side of the box that you and your customer can scan for colour selection do’s and don’ts. You wanted a brand that speaks to all genders, they did it with non-gender specific designs sure to appeal to all.  You wanted a colour that spoke to all your consumers no matter their ethnicity, they did that too. You wanted a brand that was eco-conscious, they did that too with 100% post-consumer recycled materials for the cartons and bottles. No large paper instruction leaflets inside, the basic directions are printed on the inside of the box with 2 QR codes. The first code links to different language options and the second code links to more in-depth instructions on how to use the colour, it’s even good for your bushy bits! YES, you heard me right, beards, mustaches and even down there, Oiamiga has all your bushy bits covered. 

See: Omiaga Facebook and Instagram. Oiamiga is available to order from Purity Life Health Products LP , so what are you waiting for?

The holiday season is fast approaching, and you can get some really nice holiday gift options from Bleu Lavande and Suncoat available from Purity Life. Your customers can check off the kids in their life with great gift packs and stocking stuffers from Suncoat. After the kids are done it’s on to the adults and what’s better than luxurious spa quality lavender bath and body gift kits from Bleu Lavande. All holiday items can be ordered today from Purity Life just in time for all those December holiday shoppers. 

Looking for affordable hair and body care options, you can help out your consumers with brands like Inecto Naturals and Foamie. Well priced and eco-friendly you can’t go wrong with these brands. 

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Happy Holidays and watch this space for a new blog in January for 2023 highlights!

Yours in Health,

Tracey, Naturally Perfect Consulting