Who is Farleyco Marketing Inc?

Farleyco Marketing Inc is one of Canada’s leading retail importers and distributors with a 30-year history of supplying consumer beauty products from around the world to Canada’s retailers – both large and small. Farleyco is a brand builder and creator of many cutting-edge categories in beauty and personal care. Here are some facts:

  • Farleyco currently distributes over 14 Brands focusing on the Natural, Vegan, Eco Friendly and sustainable oriented products.
  • Farleyco has an inhouse marketing and social media team. All products are supported by:
  • Online Advertising through Facebook, Instagram, You Tube, Google and other online venues
  • Influencer support and reviews
  • In store display and POP support
  • Educational information

Their Shipping Policies:

  • Shipping Minimum $250
  • Farleyco usually ships between 2-5 days after the order has been received, unless at Christmas time (Sept – Nov) when this may be extended due to volume.
  • All orders will be shipped within 7 Days. Items that cannot be shipped the policy below will apply

Please checkout their order form, new account setup information and the following brand presentations: