Who is TheraWise?

I have been working with Warren and Yasuko Brander from Thera Wise since 2014 and it’s been a rewarding experience watching the brand expand in the market and reading consumers’ positive reviews of the products that Warren and Yasuko carefully chose to formulate and market. 

Thera Wise is a BC based, Canadian company and the brand goal has been to offer plant based solutions and innovative products for the natural market since day one.

Pioneering a new direction for OTC ointments, Thera Wise launched their award winning natural bio-active NHPD approved therapeutic ointments [see French version] and achieved just that with HmR Hemorrhoidal Ointment, SHO Skin Healing Ointment, Ac+ Acne Ointment and Dpr Baby Diaper Ointment. These ointments were not only formulated to quickly address a health condition, but also for their balancing and regenerative properties. Pure botanical extracts, therapeutic nutrients and soothing emollients heal and repair delicate and compromised skin tissue.  Intelligent pre-biotics from oats and sugar help balance the skin’s eco-flora and promote healthy skin immunity. Natural olive and berry wax bases provide a natural protective barrier while allowing the skin to breath facilitating rejuvenation and repair. Each clean, natural and organic ingredient is tested for microbial, heavy metals, pesticide residue and solvent residue contaminants. Vegan friendly and cruelty free; all their packaging is BPA and phthalate free.

Along with the success of their ointments Thera Wise launched a unique approach to oral care with the Crystal Animals children’s toothbrush [see French version] which contains a functional natural mineral within the bristle of the brush. The clinically proven antibacterial properties of the natural mineral bristles keep your child’s mouth feeling fresh and clean all day. The natural mineral bristles produce an ionic coating on the tooth surface to improve plaque removal and eliminate food build up. Due to the minus ion effect and antibacterial properties, only water is required.

Due to the demand initiated by retailer and consumer requests Thera Wise launched an Adult Mouth Moisturizing Toothbrush using the same functional natural mineral within the bristle of the brush. Neutralizing pathogenic bacteria and plaque acids in the mouth promote healthy saliva and provide mouth moisturizing properties. This toothbrush is especially effective for adults with dementia as it does not require toothpaste and mouth rinsing for those in later stage struggling with oral care and dry mouth from medications.

Thera Wise also offers a wisebaby blended essential [see French version] oils in coconut oil 4pc starter kit with the most frequently used massage oils. Great to diffuse, use on the bottom of feet or apply to the upper back and chest. Calm, sleep, breathe and tummy blends for the new Mom just getting started.

My personal favorites are the natural lip balms in strawberry or peach flavor [see French version]. These lip balms are unique, and something you have never experienced before. Ingredients such as Meadowfoam Seed Oil keep lips looking plump and soft while the Daikon Seed Oil provides non-greasy glide for that luxurious lip feel. Protects, moisturizes and rejuvenates naturally.

Meet our Natural Superheroes – Glacial Ocean Mineral Water, Canadian North Atlantic Seaweed extract, Canadian Willow Herb, Daikon Radish see oil and Meadowfoam Seed oil used in their Natural Bio-Active Body Wash/Shampoo and a Moisturizing Lotion. Softly and gently cleanse delicate skin. Suitable for sensitive skin types. With Nutritive sea extracts and Canadian Willowherb to gently remove impurities and protect the skin’s natural ecoflora. The negative ions from the Glacial Oceanic Mineral water protect against environmental pollution. Follow up with a silky soft natural gentle lotion also for delicate skin. Natural sebum like fatty acids from MeadowFoam seed oil and Daikon Seed Oil protect, rejuvenate and restore delicate sensitive skin.  Prebiotic extract to balance and promote the skin’s natural healthy microbiome. Gentle balance care. 

Thera Wise Natural Personal Care products are all cruelty free and vegan and available from Purity Life Health Products. Ask me today about our new store deals or line extension offers. For more information about the company, read their French presentation.