With April being the month in which we observe Earth Day, I thought sustainability would be a great topic for my blog.

Sustainability Definition: meeting our own needs without compromising those of future generations. 

Sustainability is not just about the depletion of our natural resources it is also about sustainable social and economic resources but for the purpose of this month’s blog i’m going to focus on environmental impacts. 

Everyday we go about our routines and do our part to recycle using our blue bins and compost bins but are we really making as much of an impact as we can? There are so many little things we do that add up to a big impact everyday on our planet. 

One example is our hygiene routine, ingredients matter. When we shower – soap, shampoo, conditioner, hair treatment product, shaving cream/soap are washed down the drain. Then we get out of the shower and move to oral care and continue by then sending toothpaste and mouth rinse down the drain and putting floss in the garbage can. For some the next steps are facial care and these are just the first few steps of your day and we have already made an impact on our water supply, granted most of us live in cities/towns that have water treatment plants not all is filtered out. Now think about the packaging for all these times, is it recyclable, is it made from post consumer recycled materials…how many years will it take for this packaging to break down if it’s not recycled? I could go on but I am going to let this sit with you and we can touch base on this topic in the future as beauty is definitely a favorite for me. 

My second example is about everyday items we use in our home, bath tissue, facial tissue, paper towels, napkins, garbage bags and then the few items we need for a picnic in the park with the kids. I don’t know about you but I will not pack glass plates for the park so disposable it is.  I have an answer for these needs with a brand called NATUREZWAY Inc. The Eco Way! Although I encourage the kids to use reusable containers for beverages, sometimes they want the feel of store bought take-out hot beverages and luckily NATUREZWAY Inc. can provide that for us as well. 


NATUREZWAY Inc. provides ECO-FRIENDLY cleaning products that are produced from RENEWABLE & SUSTAINABLE materials, primarily bamboo. Our products must offer the best value & provide SUPERIOR functionality. After disposal, these products will leave minimal or no harm to the earth.

Why Bamboo? 

  • Bamboo is from the Grass family and easily renewable.
  • Fast Growing and matures in only 3 years.
  • Takes up less land space.
  • Uses less water than trees.
  • Requires Zero pesticides to grow.
  • Reduces soil erosion.
  • Reduces greenhouse gases and captures more CO2 from the atmosphere than trees or cotton.

“NATUREZWAY will drive the change that makes a difference in the environment, especially by eliminating plastics and the unnecessary cutting of trees in our space; our hope is to encourage every manufacturer and importer to do the same. All of these goals represent our road map to becoming highly profitable while enhancing our ability to give back in a major way. I believe in and am committed to a myriad of environmental causes, and it is my firm belief that through NATUREZWAY, we will gain an advantage in this global effort to make a difference and help people in need.” – Sean Solouki, CEO

If all this wasn’t amazing enough, they are also launching their new state of the art eco-packaging, sustainability is always top of mind. 

NATUREZWAY Inc. is available from Purity Life Health Product. Download your CHFA Connect Order Form and get 25% off your order between April 12th and April 26th 2021.