Naturally Perfect Consulting in 2021

Winter Floral

We are a couple weeks into 2021 and I cannot help but think about where my thoughts were 1 year ago.

I was doing a final review of how sales went in 2019 and adjusting any plans for 2020 that were already made. I was early into the launch of a couple new brands and planning store visits to introduce them. It is always exciting launching new brands, sharing with retailers and making plans for success. Who could have predicted the challenges we would all face getting our message out to consumers in the coming months?

This year is starting off a little different. We are once again in lockdown in many places around the world. The virus has changed how we do business and we have adapted by using virtual platforms for meetings, consumer events and trade shows. Retailers have put their creative thinking caps on, putting new health and safety measures in place for their loyal consumers and offering more online options and curbside pickups to keep us all safe.

We saw a few bumps along the road with sales skyrocketing on items such as hand sanitizer, household cleaning/disinfecting products and paper products. This mass purchasing created struggles for our manufacturing community with ingredient and packaging shortages. In the end, the industry I’ve loved and been part of for over 25 years rallied and came together to support one another. We are still facing an uphill battle with this virus, but as a community focused on health and wellness, we are finding ways to keep moving forward. 

With the growing need for virtual information and brand support, I have relaunched my website for 2021. I’ve incorporated this blog to get information out to you in order to keep us all safe and informed. You will also be able to follow me on Instagram for regular updates on what is happening with my brand partners. If you would like to receive promotional updates and marketing support, please send a note using the form below with the email address you want it sent to or email me directly at

Please visit my brand page to see all the amazing brand partners I represent. 

A few brand highlights to start us off:

Tints of Nature – Please visit the Purity Life education portal to learn all about this brand and what they have to offer. You will also find key selling points to help with instore consultations. February 2021 Line Drive 10% off.

Bleu Lavande – You may remember them as the hand sanitizer company from 2020 but they are much more. Treat your customers to a moment of well-being with the Bleu Lavande brand, a Canadian Lavender company. Available from Purity Life. January 2021 Shower, Bath and Hand Soaps 10% off. February 2021 Essential Oils and Hand Sanitizer 10% off. 

Maple Organics – It’s a medicine cabinet revolution that will bring your first aid section the innovation you need for 2021. Available from ONFC and Horizon Wellness. January 2021 Cold & Flu Therapy and Wound Therapy 10% off. February 2021 Skin Therapy and Facial Care 10% off.

Libre Glass Infusers – Be at peace with your #glasstogo and give back to the environment with Libre for your hot and cold drinks wherever life leads you. Available from Purity Life. February 2021 15% off Line Drive.

Health Logics – looking for a strong immune boost, look no further than Health Logics Black Seed Oil available in liquid and caps from Purity Life. February 2021 15% off Line Drive. 

Thera Wise – We could all use a little healing energy and Thera Wise Plant based personal care and mineral toothbrushes for children and adults provides just that. Each plant and mineral have an energetic vibration that interacts intimately with our body and mind. Available from Purity Life. January 2021 15% off Lip Balm. February 2021 17% off Line Drive.

NatureZway – are you looking for sustainable paper product options to keep your shelves full? NatureZway offers a full line of bath tissue and paper towel made from bamboo. Available from Purity Life. February 2021 15% off Line Drive.

Oneroot Honey – Antibiotic and pesticide free pure honey from Pristine Northern Canadian Boreal Forest. You must try the honey with cinnamon, it’s my favorite. Available from Purity Life and UNFI. February 2021 save up to 20% off all items. 

Essential Oxygen – Founder of the Pristine Protocol, a 3 step oral care regimen, your customers will thank you. They are not just a Hydrogen Peroxide company. Available from Purity Life. February 2021 10% off Line Drive.

Senzacare/Senzaboo – Eco-friendly bamboo toothbrush with plastic-free packaging. Great for your teeth and great for the planet. January 2021 15% off Makeup and Hair Brushes. Available from ONFC and Horizon Wellness. February 2021 15% off Line Drive.

Please contact me for Case Stacks, New Store and Line Extension deals.